magik play STEM toy

Magik play is a set of wooden building blocks that interact with an iPad in a series of puzzles and games. Merging physical and digital, this STEM toy offers an engaging, tactile and fun learning experience for kids aged 3-8.

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STEM learning toy for iPad

Playing is an extremely effective learning activity and is also great fun for children. With magik play, kids create, build, and interact with one another, encouraging the development of core skills and broadening their intellect without feeling an “obligation” to learn.

Magik Play Educational Games

STEM toy magik play

+2 years

It’s a shape World after all!

A beautiful and gentle introduction to shape recognition and block handling.

Stem toy magik play

+3 years

Big, medium or small, they come in all shapes and sizes, and they need your help! Lend a hand to these ferociously cute dinos through a series of puzzles!

stem toy magik play

+4 years

You’ll need balance, speed and coordination in this dramatic and funny block-building pursuit. Be quick to build and run away, 
but be careful! Don’t leave any blocks standing…

+4 years

Matt Quest is the latest adventure for the Magik Play starter kit! Designed to test math skill and coordination at the same time, it is the funniest way to play and learn Math on your iPad…