Smart Learning Toys for Kids

    Smart toys that combine the simplicity and fun of traditional toys with
    STEM learning challenges designed for the iPad

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    • Smart Toys That Promotes Motor-Skills and Spatial Reasoning...

    smart wooden toys

    No batteries, no wires

    ready to play technology

    No device pairing

    improve core skills

    Don’t swipe, build

    • Develops Problem Solving Skills...

    Magik Play Educational Games

    Classroom STEAM Tool | Primary Classroom Resources | Magikplay

    +2 years

    It’s a shape World after all!

    A beautiful and gentle introduction to shape recognition and block handling.

    Classroom STEAM Tool | Primary Classroom Resources | Magikplay

    +3 years

    Big, medium or small, they come in all shapes and sizes, and they need your help! Lend a hand to these ferociously cute dinos through a series of puzzles!

    Classroom STEAM Tool | Primary Classroom Resources | Magikplay

    +4 years

    You’ll need balance, speed and coordination in this dramatic and funny block-building pursuit. Be quick to build and run away, 
but be careful! Don’t leave any blocks standing…

    Classroom STEAM Tool | Primary Classroom Resources | Magikplay

    +4 years

    Matt Quest is the latest adventure for the Magik Play starter kit! Designed to test math skill and coordination at the same time, it is the funniest way to play and learn Math on your iPad…

    Free shipping to the US and EU (including the UK). Save up to €20!

    • ...Improve Collaboration Skills


    Simple toys and play are crucial learning tools for kids. Classic building blocks have been around for centuries and are one of the best toys for kids to learn through play.

    Research suggests that in ‘tangible interfaces’, such as in magik play, the link between physical action and digital effects could help kids engage and reflect.


    Each block contains a magnet with a magic spell that releases a powerful energy detected by the tablet circuits. The code wizard used his magic to create an app for your tablet to detect that energy when you bring together the blocks and the tablet.

    Just follow the instructions and let the magik happen!

    it's smart

    Handling blocks requires spatial thinking, measurement skills, orientation and motor skills, while playing together as a team is great for interaction and social development.

    magik play takes children away from mindless tapping and swiping on screens, instead encouraging development of skills that are the foundations for learning academic subjects. In fact, studies suggest that block-handling skill is predictive of mathematical skill.

    • It’s a Family Game

    magik play reviews and videos

    • Magik Play | Smart Toys by Magikbee

    Inspiring stories

    magik play as a development tool for kids with autism

    Dylan’s mom shared with us how magik play is helping little Dylan improve in several ways:

    Magik Play has been so encouraging; he has grown gross motor skills and he’s begun to verbalize the colours. For Dylan these are big steps.

    We are so proud and happy that we have created something that can help kids!

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    Smart Toys | Explore, build and learn on iPad using real wooden toys

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