The smart photo album that brings together all your memories

Skrappify is a smart photo album that links to your tablet, combining printed photos with videos, emojis and design tools.

Bring all of your memories and creativity together with Skrappify!

ideas for a Skrappify book

Vacation memories book

Family photo album

School art project

Thoughtful gift for Mom or Dad

Baby’s first moments

Dynamic diary

The Skrappify kit contains

Blank book
4 draw & erase pens
A set of stickers
Creator app

How does it work ?

Choose your digital photos / videos

Create your book with printed photos and stickers

Turn the pages and see the magik happen

Photos & Videos

Emojis, Stickers & Frames


The Skrappify kit contains

Encourages creativity

Super easy to use

Fun for all the family!

How to get started

Get the Skrappify kit

Download the app

Start creating!


How is Skrappify different to a normal scrapbook?
Skrappify is a scrapbook to connects to your tablet. Have fun with the traditional scrapbooking on our book and link each page to your photos, videos and designs on the screen with our Skrappify app.

How does Skrappify work?
Skrappify connects to your tablet using our magik technology, so it is as simple as turning the pages of the scrapbook and watch the digital content on the screen.

Does Skrappify have batteries?
No! The Skrappify book requires no batteries, charging, wires, or bluetooth synchronization.

Does Skrappify work with with all tablets?
Please refer to the above section on Compatible Devices.

Does Skrappify work with smartphones?
Skrappify is optimized for tablets, and while it is possible to use a smartphone, we strongly recommend that customers stick to tablets.

How long will it take to receive my order?
You order will arrive within 4 working days.

I’m having trouble with my Skrappify Kit.
We’re sorry to hear that! Please get in touch via support [at]

I want to write about skrappify. Where can I get the press material
Download our press kit and/or contact us by email to: info [at]

Compatible devices


iPad Pro 10,5″ & 11″

iPad 9,7″

iPad Mini

*compatible with all iPads except the iPad 1, 2, 3, Mini 1 and all versions of the iPad Pro 12.9


Samsung Galaxy S4

Samsung Galaxy S3

Asus ZenPad 3S 10

MediaPad M5 8,4″