Join Our Online Safety Community – Where Parents Contribute to Our Preschool App, kiddZtube

Join Our Online Safety Community Where Parents Contribute to kiddZtube

Our Approach to Online Safety

At Magikbee, kids’ online safety is our priority. We’re a group of parents, so we understand the dangers that kids face on the internet.

A few years ago, we became really concerned with the type of videos that kids were coming across on popular platforms. That’s why we created kiddZtube, our safe and educational video app for preschoolers, where all of the content is handpicked by real teachers. This means the app is 100% safe.

kiddZtube | Safe & Educational video app | Quizzes Curated by Teachers

kiddZtube, our popular preschool app.

The human touch of our group of teachers has helped kiddZtube become one of the top preschool apps worldwide.

Now, we want to further improve the app by actively involving you, the parents, in our ambitions.

Introducing kiddZtube Community

So today, we are delighted to announce the launch of the kiddZtube Community – where parents can share video suggestions for the app, recommend safe YouTube channels, and share tips about keeping their kids safe online more generally.

We will review every suggestion that you make, and if our teachers believe it is a good fit for kiddZtube, we’ll upload it!

We think this initiative will provide real value for you, the parents, and your children. Imagine, for example, that you know of a particular YouTube channel that your kid loves – but you’re concerned about giving her free reign on that platform. That’s where the kiddZtube Community comes in.

Just head over to the forum, share the link to the channel, and we’ll review as soon as we can. If our educators believe it is appropriate for the app, and decide to upload your suggestion, we’ll be sure to let you know!

So join us today in the kiddZtube Community!

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