Taking books beyond their pages

Let printed images come to life on the screen through animations, sound and interaction.


Books are essential items that we touch, feel and explore


Digital devices bring a new dimension to each page, creating immersive and engaging experiences


Simple, seamless and beautiful, magik book is an enchanting experience

How does it work?

Each page contains a magnet with a magic spell that releases a powerful energy detected by the tablet circuits. The code wizard used his magic to create an app for your tablet to detect that energy when you bring the book and the tablet together. Just follow the instructions and let the magik happen!

Other special projects

How it was inspired?

magik book was inspired by our kids and the memories we have with them. We love our traditional photo albums and sharing them with family and friends, but they are limited to images. We thought that it would be awesome to extend the pages with videos of birthdays, holiday moments, the first steps… Bringing memories to life not just through photos but also through music and videos makes the experience simply magical.

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