100% Safe & Educational Video YouTube kids app

kiddZtube is a Safe and Educational Video YouTube Kids app that makes video-watching interactive for young kids. The concept is simple: our group of teachers select popular YouTube Kids videos and, via the kiddZtube platform, add contextual questions that teach preschool-aged children spelling, colours, emotions, directions, and more.


Content is curated by teachers to ensure that kids can only access appropriate videos


kiddZtube has over 1,000 popular Youtube Kids videos across 4 exciting categories


Each educational video has customized quizzes designed by educators to teach important skills. kiddZtube contains over 7,000 quizzes!

KiddZtube: The Educational Video App

kiddZtube _ Safe & Educational video app _ Quizzes Curated by Teachers

Available on iPhone and iPad

kiddZtube _ Safe & Educational video app _ Quizzes Curated by Teachers

Available on Android Smartphones and Tablets

A huge collection of popular Youtube Kids videos that introduce important learning concepts using fun songs and cartoons

A wide selection of popular kids cartoons, ranging from Disney classics to modern favorites

From Three Little Pigs to Sleeping Beauty, here you’ll find a large collection of epic fairytales that will captivate kids

This section contains music and fun songs that will entertain the whole family

Bedtime mode

Story time

As the sun goes down, kiddZtube enters Bedtime Mode, making the experience more relaxing. In this mode, the Stories category transforms into Bedtime Stories by turning off the quizzes to prepare kids for bed.

Parents are in control

Performance Dashboard

Parents can find usage statistics and monitor progress at the performance dashboard

kiddZtube | Safe & Educational video app | Quizzes Curated by Teachers

Control Panel

Parents have a control panel with options that allow them to set up and customize their kid’s educational video experience.

kiddZtube | Safe & Educational video app | Quizzes Curated by Teachers

Daily Viewing Time Limit

We encourage parents to set up daily viewing time limits to control the amount their child uses the app.

kiddZtube | Safe & Educational video app | Quizzes Curated by Teachers
kiddZtube | Safe & Educational video app | Quizzes Curated by Teachers
kiddZtube | Safe & Educational video app | Quizzes Curated by Teachers
kiddZtube | Safe & Educational video app | Quizzes Curated by Teachers

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kiddZtube | Safe, Educational and Fun

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How to setup and watch the videos

Easy Setup

Parent control options


How is this different to YouTube Kids?

KiddZtube content is, unlike YouTube Kids, hand-picked by a group of teachers who also create the questions for each video. That means you know that not only is all of the content interactive, engaging and educational – thanks to the input of the teachers – but it is safe for your child to watch. Unfortunately, inappropriate material occasionally makes it through the YouTube Kids filters. That can’t happen with kiddZtube.

How is this different to other educational apps and programs?

kiddZtube serves a different purpose to other services in that it is focused on younger kids. What sets kiddZtube apart from its competition is that the material is all drawn from kids’ favourite YouTube videos, meaning it’s enormous fun for young ones while they learn.

Do I need an internet connection to use the app?

Yes, the app accesses YouTube videos. We do not store any videos on the device, therefore an internet connection is required.

Can you use the YouTube videos in your app?

Yes, we access the videos through YouTube own services according to YouTube terms of service.

What is included when I buy kiddZtube?

Access to over 1,000 videos with 7,000 quizzes, all curated by our teacher community. In general, you are paying to know that your child is having a educational and safe experience while using a tablet or smartphone. More specifically, you are paying for the input of our group of teachers who choose the videos and create the questions. Your kids are in very safe hands!

Will you be expanding the offering?

Yes, absolutely – though we can’t reveal anything yet at this stage!

What is stopping a child closing the app and going to YouTube?

Nothing. There is always that risk – as with most other educational apps. But we don’t worry about this point too much due to the nature of the content we provide – kids love using kiddZtube and we are confident that they will be hugely entertained while playing with it, so will feel no need to switch to YouTube!

But when the time limits expire on kiddZtube, kids will be forced to switch over to YouTube, won’t they?

Our priority with kiddZtube is to improve the quality of kids’ screen time, not to increase it overall. We don’t want kiddZtube to be another screen-based activity on top of others but rather to replace the less constructive ones. After playing on kiddZtube for a while, we’d actually encourage parents to take their kids away from screens. It is all about balance!