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Make fun & educational video lessons with KiddZtube Academy

kiddZtube Academy is an interactive video learning tool that challenges students to think about what they watch and enables teachers to create and manage educationally valuable video content.

The platform allows teachers to add pop-up questions to YouTube videos, creating educational video-quizzes.


kiddZtube Academy multi-platform and multi-device

Create personalised video playlists

Create video-quiz playlists by choosing from the kiddZtube catalogue or by making your own.

Share with your students

Teachers can assign playlists to specific classes to watch in the classroom or at home.

Monitor kids’ performance

There’s a complete dashboard that evaluate & monitors the progress of each child.

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kiddZtube Academy Plans

Educators | Magikbee KiddZtube Academy | innovative platform for teachers to create video-quizz lessons for kids through Youtube

Try out the Preschool version

Educators | Magikbee KiddZtube Academy | innovative platform for teachers to create video-quizz lessons for kids through Youtube

The School version is suitable for Primary and Preschool

UK Schools can raise money for kiddZtube Academy via Rocket Fund.

kiddZtube Academy is easy to use

1 – Add or edit a video

2 – Create a video lesson

3 – Assign it to a class

How to use kiddZtube Academy with your class


  • Group Lessons: Teachers can connect a tablet/smartphone with the kiddZtube app to a TV or projector for a group activity.
  • Individual Lessons: Each child can engage with their Teacher’s playlist using the kiddZtube app on their own device.


  • Homework: Teachers can assign playlists for kids to watch at home on kiddZtube and then view reports on each child’s performance.

Quick start guide to  kiddZtube academy

How to add and edit a video from YouTube

Teachers are already using kiddZtube Academy in their classrooms

“What an amazing tool!!!!”

Children are no longer confined to their chairs and their books, new technologies have broken into the classrooms and we have to find ways to take the most out of them.

These last years I’ve watched kids handling iPads and tablets as if it was the best toy they could have. kiddZtube gave me the opportunity to bring their best toy to the classroom and make it educational. Through well-known cartoons, songs and/or stories we can teach English in a playful way and create bridges between the classroom chair and the home sofa.

Teresa Maia, Preschool Teacher

“Not only kids love kiddZtube, parents and Teachers love it too!”

With kiddZtube children attention is constantly required with really simple quizzes about what they are watching, therefore children are always learning and improving several skills while using kiddZtube.

For me, as a Teacher, I think kiddZtube is a great tool for my classes. Using its videos in the classroom is a guarantee of engaged, motivated and confident students.

I am a kiddZtuber, what about you?

Helena Almeida, Preschool Teacher

What kind of questions are available to add and edit to each video

Teachers can monitor kids performance

kiddZtube | Safe & Educational video app | Quizzes Curated by Teachers
A Teacher who assigns playlists to their students will also be able to monitor the performance of both the whole class and each child individually. That way, Teachers can assess the strengths and weaknesses of the Group and use this information to plan future classes and work on specific areas that require improvement.