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What is the purpose of Magikbee?

Above all, to promote Fun and Learning.

Our mission is to encourage positive, creative and educational use of technology

through a range of interactive products.

  • Fun and Learning | Fusion of Digital and Real World Play

Our Magik Team

magikbee | Fun & Learning | More About What We Do & Who We Are

Adriano Morais

Senior Digital Developer

“Passion is needed for any great work.”

magikbee | Fun & Learning | More About What We Do & Who We Are

Xana Allen


If you can dream it, then you can do it

magikbee | Fun & Learning | More About What We Do & Who We Are

Zé Pedro Simão

Senior Developer

I have no special talent. Usually, I am only passionately curious

magikbee | Fun & Learning | More About What We Do & Who We Are

Hugo Ribeiro

Co-Founder & CEO

“Generally impossible just takes a little bit longer

magikbee | Fun & Learning | More About What We Do & Who We Are

Max Hains

Business Development

To open a shop is easy. To keep it open is an art

magikbee | Fun & Learning | More About What We Do & Who We Are

Pedro Branco

Co-Founder & CTO


Who we are

We are a team of parents and university researchers with a strong experience on interactive technology for education. Happily involved in several award-winning projects, namely:


  • • 2014 QED Designee for the “Bridging Book”. Digital Book Awards.

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  • Golden Award for best demo at ACE 2012, 2014.

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  • World Technology Award 2013: entertainment, t-words.

    List Content goes here

  • • Best ‘Work in Progress Paper’ at Videojogos 2013.

Meet the founders

Generally, it always begins with finding a problem that needs to be solved. As parents of young kids that love playing with technology, it became clear. For us, the time that our kids used to spent with devices was usually of low quality. Therefore, we wanted to harness the potential digital devices have for fun and learning by developing tools to create positive and active experiences, regularly.

  • Magikbee | Explore, Build and Learn on iPad

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We are always looking for extraordinary people!

Companies are made up of people. However, successful companies are made up of exceptional people. Considering this, we are always looking for ambitious, hardworking and creative people that want to change the world with us.

If you think you have what it takes, please send us an email: work@magikbee.com explaining how you can make a difference at Magikbee.

You can also apply to existing vacancies.

If you have any comments or any thoughts please, drop us a line!

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