KiddZtube Academy | New Teachers Platform by Magikbee

kiddZtube Academy | Free edtech platform launched by magikbee

KiddZtube Academy. The new platform allows teachers to create educational videos and quizzes from YouTube content.


Preschool teachers have a new tool to spark learning in their classrooms. Edtech startup magikbee has launched kiddZtube Academy, a platform for early years educators that enables them to create educational video-quizzes from YouTube content by augmenting pop-up questions to each video. The technology allows teachers to transform kids’ favourite video content into an educational tool. Therefore, they can teach spelling, counting, colours and other core skills. While children watch cartoons and listen to songs they are asked questions about what they are watching.

The free platform is aimed specifically at professionals in the early years’ education sector. kiddZtube Academy is a natural extension of the existing kiddZtube offer – an app available across iOS and Android with 1,000 video quizzes selected from YouTube and curated by magikbee’s group of teachers. Now the technology is open to educators worldwide for use at school and at home.


kiddZtube is on the list of 🏆The 60 Best Educational Apps of 2017🏆

Educational apps - the sixty best | KiddZtube | Magikbee

Educational benefits!

The real value about kiddZtube is the way it transforms watching videos!

On the one hand includes classic cartoons and on the other hand, features the most modern and favourite videos of children. This provides an active and educational experience by adding pop-up questionnaires to each video. Besides, questions are contextual and use imagery from the video in question. Because of that, kids are more engaged with the experience, rather than watching passively.

Tutora Review!

“Our team loves the fact that all the videos are selected and curated by real-life teachers. They can add educative quizzes that ask children questions about what they’re watching.”

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